Friday, August 8, 2008

St Louis Happenings April 27th-May 10th

Alright- so I know that I'm about 3 months behind but.... we're gonna just give this a try anyway.

To sum up: we had been in Arizona most recently the Flagstaff area, and decided that it was time to come home for a visit. Two days and $250 worth of gas later, we were back in St. Louis.

Over the next 2 weeks we enjoyed having a home again, and got out to ride a few times in the St. Louis area. After getting reacquainted with the shower we headed off to the Berryman for a couple days. At the time it was rather disappointing. It's hard to say if it was the shape the trail was in (pretty washed out), the 3 flat tires we got, or a little bit of both. After hobbling home as the sun went down we decided that one 24 mile ride was enough for the 2 days, and headed back to St Louis the next morning.

On another mini outing we decided to catch up with Ms Anne Docter and go out to chubb trail for a ride. Things were all going fine until we came to ..... the stairs

..... the stairs

Mike got over fine, and I went next, and then after my earlier encouragement Anne decided to go ahead and give it a try too. Things didn't go so well, as in most mountain bike situations, there was just a split second between everything's alright and everything's disastrously wrong. Anne actually cleared the steps fine, and then suddenly hit a rock just wrong and went flying over her handlebars landing chin-first into a rock. I would say you could ask Anne about which rock, but she doesn't remember much about the fact she was having trouble remembering where we were, if that tells you anything.

The Aftermath...

After a couple 4 (?) stitches in the chin and a good couple of days where "I don't have enough hands to put ice on everything that hurts" Anne has been recovering well, although she has told me that the stairs are gonna be out of the question for a while.

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