Saturday, August 16, 2008

Climbing Jackson Falls 6/29- 7/3

With Mike's knee still causing terrible pain whenever he started pedaling even after 2 weeks of rest at the Duchow house we decided that it would be best to not be any more dumb, and we rented a car to take us back to St. Louis (cheaper than gas there and back). Of course when we got back we still couldn't bike hence the remodeling. We were also able to work in some climbing.

We went down to Jackson Falls in Southern Illinois and had a good ol' time

Mike descending into the pit

Me at the top of fine 9 a 5.9 that we hadn't been able to do the first time we went down to Jackson Falls, and although it was ridiculous I made it to the top-yay!

After a couple days Mary and Baxter came down and climbed with us too

Crouching Mary Hidden Dragon

Bottoms up

Getting comfy round the campfire. Baxter was a little on the tired side

It was hard to believe we were in Illinois

Baxters barking orders

Mary reaches the summit of a really fun 65 foot climb

Off roading vanagon style

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Nice climbing pants Mary!