Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Living in the Arctic

Mike and I spent Christmas up in Dubuque.
Merry Christmas
While we were there we figured we might as well tackle a couple of remodeling projects. First came the hallway
Before- we got a little anxious and started pulling wallpaper before we took the picture


Along with remodeling, we figured if we are in the Arctic, we might as well entertain ourselves with an Arctic sport.

So we picked up hockey. Mike was much better at it than I, but we had a really good time. Even in the 6 degree weather. We convinced Nyssa to come out and play with us a couple times

Unfortunately this is how it usually ended up

Not that I fared much better, if you notice the amount of snow that I'm wearing

Attempt 1: As part of playing hockey we decided we needed to master the hockey stop- notice Nyssa's jump

Attempt 2: Only slightly more successful, my mom joined in on this one

The final remodeling project was the music room



We've decided to get back out on the road- the van was feeling lonely, so we flew out to Seattle on Feb 24th- details of the continuing adventure coming soon...

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