Sunday, January 18, 2009

Working in St. Louis

We decided to make ourselves useful during our stay so we got to work. Emilie applied at several different places in the neighborhood and scored 2 jobs: Highway 66 Roadhouse & Kitchen and Mcdonalds. While I did some work around my parents house finishing 3 rooms: The garage, the downstairs hallway, and last but not least my room.
Only picture I could find before I started clearing the garage out. Hard to even walk in there. Before I cleared, washed, tuckpointed and finally painted.

Clearing out the hallway closet was scary.

Notice the beautiful tile floor.

Almost ready to get started.

Theres hardwood floor under there somewhere.

Ahhh done.

Nice and clean

Beautiful eh.

My room after patching all the cracks.



My new office.

Notice the new fan.

Yay all done.

Made that old floor nice and shiny.

Getting back into the working world was more difficult than I thought it would be. McDonalds and Roadhouse were the only places that would take me. I didn't want to go anywhere too serious since it was only going to be a month. Seeing how I never had worked in food service before it was a real eye opening experience. I never realized what a stressful place McDonalds is. That's one of the first things I learned, mainly because my manager was reminding me every chance she had.

And working at a restaurant really wasn't too bad. I certainly learned a lot more about alcoholic beverages, I had no idea there were that many kinds of...well everything. I also found out the key to a good tip night is working a buffet. If you happen to be in St. Louis I would recommend the pan fried chicken, and please tip kindly.


Kevin said...

Mike - which hallway is this (at the top of the page)? Upstairs or downstairs? I don't recognize it at all! Looks AMAZING!!

Kevin said...

Working for a manufacturing company, I had to comment on the safety equipment in the picture of Michael with the floor sander - nice use of a dust mask, but what about safety glasses, work gloves and footwear? Tsk tsk! ;)

Kevin said...

Emilie - I feel for you having to work in food service! My first few jobs were in food service in high school. I agree - it's unecessarily stressful. Stressful because 1) the food is overpriced, 2) the employees are underpaid, and 3) "power-trippy" managers. Unecessary because - well, after all, it's just a fast food place! Glad to hear you got tips at the other job!