Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grassy Mountain and Climbing in the Gallatins August 28th-Sept 2nd

Aug 28th-29th- Before we left Bozeman for good we decided to cram in a few more bike rides. We were lucky enough to find one of the best rides we've ever done. About 7 miles up on superb single track, with outstanding views, and then you get to the top and get to go down it. This is Grassy Mountain in the Bangtail range just outside of Bozeman and it's perfect. It seems like it's definitely designed with mountain bikes in mind. Lots of swooping and banking turns and a whole lot of really fun stuff.

The first 2 nights we were there we stayed near the top, and got to take in these vistaa as we settled in for the night

The next day, running out of water, we decided to check out a national forest campground down the road.

It was free, nice, CLEAN, and had water- a very nice find. Not to mention within riding distance to the trail (although it was a long 2 miles up the paved road after we were done with the ride)
Aug 30th-Spet 2nd:
After 2 excellent days of riding we though we might hit up that Gallatin River one more time before we left (this Bozeman area just sort of has a way of drawing you in, I'm telling you). So we left the Bangtails did some shopping in Bozeman and were off to the Gallatins again.
Unfortunately the weather was not as cooperative as it had been. It was chilly verging on downright cold. So we decided to float down the river in our life jackets for about 30 feet instead of doing the whole 3 mile stretch.
Ready to just relax around the campsite for the day, we were surprised when a couple drove up and asked if we happened to know where the climbing wall was. We didn't, but told them that we would happily accompany them in finding it. After a few trips back and forth down the road, we found the right pull off, and trail and ran up to the wall.
The whole climbing experience was rather short lived because the clouds kept looking darker and darker, and the wind continued to pick up, so we only got 1 climb in, but it was fun anyway- and made us realize that we really had found the near perfect camp spot.

Mike nearing the top of the climb- (Conner took the picture, if you're wondering)

Conner and Allison headed back to Bozeman and we settled in for a chilly night.

A very chilly night- that's snow on those top pines. We ended up spending practically a whole day inside the van, and despite a bit of cabin fever, it was for the most part relaxing.
And then finally we decided it had to happen, it was time to leave the Bozmean area. We climbed a little in the morning and then headed into town to say our good byes. But then got convinced that we should do one more ride- and went up to Mystic Lake with Vince. We were really glad we went, the ride was great (although a little chilly on the way back) and we both successfully tackled the infamous "wall of death". Well, Mike actually walked it on the way back, but you didn't hear that from me. Then on top of a phenomenal ride and sunset- we saw a group of elk in the woods and a Giant bald eagle, that flew from the trees.
And then Finally, it was time to move on...

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