Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Black leaf canyon and Glacier

We uprooted from Bozeman hit the road in search for Black Leaf Canyon. As we approached our turn off the highway we were amazed again by climbers vague instructions 12 miles past Chouteau we turned into what looked like someones ranch driveway. We backed out carefully not wanting to be their next trophy hanging above their fireplace. We continued to drive about 15 miles coming to another town with the fine establishment JR's "wildlife refuge". The bug zapper was hard at work in the back yard. We walked in and startled the locals asking where Center road was they looked pretty confused. Then we mentioned the canyon and they said yeah that's straight up the road directly across from the bar. Just stay straight on it about 20 miles. So an hour later we showed up had no idea where the canyon was it was pitch black we found a few campsites and pulled over wondering what this place is like. The next morning we were pleasantly surprised by this amazing view...

Black Leaf Canyon looking east

See if you can find me, I'm pretty small about 90ft up

view of the chilly damp weather


the view from camp

First night in Glacier, we decided to live it up and stay in the Many Glacier Lodge.... parking lot

Glacier accommodations- the campground was $20-

View from lake at Many Glacier Lodge

Hiking up to see Grinnel Glacier

Neat clouds

Good view

Ginnel Lake

A look back at what we had come up with Grinnel lake, Lake josephine, and Swiftcurrent lake

Glacier and me

Glacier is cold
He stuck his head in it

Looks like a nice swim

We regretfully descended and revisited the amazing views

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