Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Welcome to Arizona

Finally, we are on our way to Sedona. A funny thing happend as we entered into Arizona that had us both questioning our mission. We were getting low on gas and decided Snow Flake, AZ would be our fueling destination. We entered into the town as the speed limit dropped to a more VW friendly speed of 40 then down to 35.
I was in the left lane of a typical 4 lane city main street. And Billy Bob in a budget moving truck pulled right up to my bumper. I checked my speed and I was going 40 in a 35. I couldnt get over there were 2 cars right beside me so I maintained this speed not wanting to cause this wirey character any panic. Little did I know I had already made this gentleman hotter than a habenero in the middle of summer.
I was a bit confused but just tried to look for gas station so I could get out of this guys way. Thankfully I spotted a gas station on the left coming up. Traffic cleared to my right and this guy threw the truck over and floored it. I then heard a slight bluegrass style raspy voice twangy with some kind of obsenities. I could only laugh but deep down I thought I was about to get shot like the little piggy he killed that morning.
To my suprise he then flew by with a brigade of large trucks following and pulled into the same gas station I was planning on going to. I pulled in and minded my own buisness and started fueling the van up. After he was done yelling at the kiddos in back he walked over to me and said

"hey buddy this is Arizona. Out here the left lane is the fast lane"

I responded "I was going 5 over"

he then cleverly states again, "the left lane is the fast lane" .

So I tried to calmly explain to him that I coudn't get over in the other lane because there was a car there.

This really got him going and he told me " well you better get over next time, or i'm gonna run your a** off the road"
Meanwhile his kids learned a valuable leason in how to communicate with non arizonians that day.

I wish I had a picture of him but this one should do.

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