Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Climbing, cows, and camp fires

From Albuquerque we went on to Socorro New Mexico, where we find Box Canyon not too far down a dirt road. The van is really getting its fair share of dirt roads. We climbed a little that night, and got to have our first camp fire of the trip.

Oh, and had the most gourmet camping dinner I have ever had; A very delicious pad thai. While we were in Albetc. we went to this world market. We got double the tofu for a quarter of the price, plus a slew of other yummy cheap stuff.

We woke up to cows lurking

And then did a bunch of climbs. The rock was rhyolite, which felt very different from the sandstone we have climbed in the past. A couple of the climbs were right next to the parking area, and then the last one was quite a hike.

That's the van in the distance

The pictures are of the last climb we did, which I thought was pretty tricky. I had actually tried it the night before but couldn't finish it, but i showed that rock on the 2nd day.

So did Mike

Unfortunately the rock also showed my hands.

That night we moved on and went about 60 miles west and to a completely different climate. Instead of sand we had trees, and snow in some spots. We stayed in a campground just outside of Datil New Mexico. It was a Friday night and there was only one other car there, It only cost 5 dollars and there was FREE FIREWOOD, I had never heard of such a thing.

See Mike's happy too

The next morning, we subjected ourselves to a brain freeze, by washing our hair in the water spigot and were on our way to Arizona.

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