Thursday, June 25, 2009

I guess we're not very good at this updating thing

Just a quick little update in case anyone is still checking this.

We are back in St. Louis- came back to the midwest for my sisters highschool graduation
We found a house for sale in St. Louis that we really liked, and was pretty darn cheap cause it was a "handymans special"

We bought the house in St. Louis, and are currently fixing it up- just replaced the garage roof

And we're getting married at the end of August!
So there's the update- I'll post more pictures from the rest of the trip when I get a chance, but right now we have been a little wrapped up in other things.
By the way if anyone knows of jobs that are hiring in the St. Louis area, please send them our way-

It's weird to be back in the real world- but don't worry we plan on it being a temporary stay. Hopefully we'll fix up the house sell it or rent it in a couple of years, make a whole big bunch of money and be able to travel all over again. Hopefully...

Our new house!

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Kevin said...

Craving more updates!! C'mon guys!