Tuesday, April 7, 2009

White Mesa and Box Canyon March 15th - 20th

After an uneventful drive from St. Louis, Baxter and I made it safely to White Mesa, NM.

Baxter wasted no time getting down to business, as he hopped right out of the driver’s window when he saw Michael. He hardly had any time to greet him, though, as Goonie came bounding over, too.

After lots of sniffs, tail wags, and a few snarls, they were officially introduced and Baxter took to wandering. Bax-“Lone Ranger”-Max took it upon himself to round up the horses before heading out on a hike with his new, sometimes annoying, little brother Goonie.

Emilie and Goonie

Neat tree on a hike

Brothers on their morning hike

We stayed there just one night before a morning hike and heading out to The Box Canyon near Socorro, NM.

We got into The Box late on the 16th and started climbing the following morning.

A group of 6thgraders were climbing on the closest area, so we hiked a few minutes to a nice wall and climbed there for the afternoon. We met a local climber who told us about all the other climbs in the area, so we spent the next afternoon at Major Wall climbing.

On the 19th we climbed on the top rope wall and finished up the morning of the 20th. After meeting lots of friendly climbers who suggested places to go, we decided on the Enchanted Tower next and we were off...

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