Friday, October 10, 2008

The Ocean Sept 23rd-34th

Before leaving our free campground behind us, we decided that we should check out the Sul Duc river tube style

The water was a little chilly...

After the morning dip, we were on our way to the ocean. Passing through the rest of Olympic we made our way to Ruby Beach. It was a really neat beach, with all these little islands called sea stacks. It was very reminiscent of the movie Goonies.

I was trying hard to get to that island, it looked so close

but I couldn't quite make it although maybe I should have just gone for it, my knees got all wet anyway.

We were hoping to camp right on the beach, but the closed campground we found, was actually closed and the not closed campground was 14$. So we had to retreat further inland and find a nice free campground that we had to ourselves. Although the river wasn't nearly as nice as a few others we had seen, it was nice enough.

The next morning we planned to head back to the beach, but woke up to rain all day long. We decided that it was time to revisit civilization.

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Anonymous said...

Uh... Sept 23rd through 34th??? Didn't know there were that many days in September...