Wednesday, February 27, 2008

White Mesa - Ojito Wilderness

Saturday 23- Tuesday 26,
Dave, the bike shop guy, told us about going to White Mesa in the Ojito Wilderness area. He said there was a lot of nifty geology there to. Turned out to be the best trail we had every ridden. It had it all fast rolling single track on hard packed dirt and crusty gypsum bed rock, technical drops, tricking climbs, and scary narrow ridge line trail . And the views were breath taking lots of interesting geology also. I want to meet the mastermind behind this trail. Words can't describe it so here you go...

We decided to try out the video camera- and here are some of the shots- warning, you may want to turn the sound down- Since I'm not trusted with the video camera, who knows when I'll fall over, I got to be the star of the videos

Here is an example of some of the really narrow stuff on the trail

I decided to go down this last one, probably against my better judgement, but I made it down without incident. It's kind of hard to tell, but it's rather sheer on both sides.

Oh yeah, and this was our view from our free campsite- we ended up staying and riding there for 3 days because it was so great. We didn't even get to ride the whole loop, we tried once, but after following some drainage ditches (I swear there were bike tracks in there) we ended up with 50 pounds of clay mud stuck to each tire, and on top of a gypsum mine. We heard some equipment running so we scurried for our lives down one mighty gravel road, and back 4 miles along another dirt road to our campsite. I guess it's best to try that part when it's dry.

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Griffin said...

I'm glad you enjoyed White Mesa. It truly is a special place and I feel lucky every time I get out there to ride it.

The videos you took are very cool. I've shown them to several of my co-workers who have never been out to White Mesa.

Tomorrow night me and a bunch of my MTB buddies are going out to ride it at night during the full moon.